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Healthcare is a human right and a matter of life or death for many. We cannot live in a society where families are going bankrupt or have to choose between basic needs or paying their healthcare bills. As a State Representative she has:

  • Demanded more affordable healthcare by working to cap double-digit premium increases and expand
    access to affordable prescription drugs.

  • Protected the right to reproductive health care.

  • Fought for equity in mental health care access and substance abuse treatment, including increasing mental health consultations and trauma-informed care for children.


High property taxes are a growing concern to residents of our community. Dee will work to decrease our dependence on property taxes as the primary source of funding for our education system and we can do this by reforming Illinois’ tax system by implementing a graduated income tax. Working families cannot and should not bear the majority of our tax burden at the state level and it is imperative that we find solutions that allow for our state to function efficiently while providing needed services, which include human services, quality infrastructure, public safety, and education.

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Dee believes that a key priority in our district is education.  Investments in education means that our state continues to make concerted efforts in supporting our public school system, community colleges, universities, vocational, and trade schools. Demand for skilled workers in Illinois is strong yet the number of people who have completed vocational or trade school training has decreased. This is a significant issue as a diverse workforce will make our state stronger.


Avelar is working to build a green economy to combat global warming, reduce carbon emissions, and make Illinois a hub of environmental innovation and job creation. Her plan brings together business, labor and environmental advocates to create thousands of good-paying, green jobs and set the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050. That is why she was a proud supporter of the historic, nation-leading Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, the CEJA bill.

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Our seniors deserve to live a life with dignity and respect. As community members age, they may need more support in order to live an independent life or face scenarios in which assisted living may be the only option which tends to be expensive for families and the state.  Senior citizens face multiple challenges like living on a fixed income, healthcare, safety,  among others. I support stronger consumer protections for seniors and ensure the enforcement of existing Illinois laws and regulations that protect the financial resources of senior citizens. As a legislator, I continue to be committed to advancing policies to ensure that senior citizens are able to live their lives to the fullest and that are not forgotten.


Dee is working to ensure all businesses have the resources they need to recover from COVID-19 and are set up for success. Dee supported legislation to create new Back to Business grants for employers and invest in local economic redevelopment. Dee also worked to expand access to career-training programs for high-school students by supporting legislation to allow young people to use college savings programs to cover the cost of skilled apprenticeship programs.

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